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ED1500 Spherical Underground Electronic Marker



The induction coil of the ED1500 series spherical marker is suspended on the antifreeze inside the sphere. No matter how the sphere rolls, the induction coil can Keep horizontal and upward, providing perfect positioning accuracy. There is no need to consider the posture of the sphere during installation, which reduces the difficulty of installation.

The ED1500 spherical marker is designed and produced according to international standard frequencies, and is compatible with electronic marker locators designed and produced according to international standard frequencies (without ID mode). The ED1500 can also be equipped with RFID chips with two modulation modes, ASK and FSK, becoming electronic information markers. Through the ID number in the marker, ground detection personnel can clearly determine that what they have found is the target marker buried in advance, without suspecting whether it is an interference signal or an maker buried by other units. For ID markers, after obtaining the ID number, ground detection personnel can use the ID number to search for information related to the identified object stored in the cloud database (such as the type, specifications, and photos before covering with soil), which can achieve visual management of underground pipelines or facilities.

The ED1500ID-RW type marker, equipped with FSK RFID chips, also supports writing simple information such as marker type and specifications directly into the internal chip of the sphere using the ED8000V400 version locator before covering soil. For remote areas with poor wireless signals, or for users who are unable to upload marked object information to the cloud due to information security factors, a more direct information management solution is provided.


ED1500 can be installed at a certain interval, or at the turning of changing trend and at some event points, such as connection points, valves, well covers, T-shaped branches, etc. According to the project importance and project budget, the installing density can vary from several meters to tens of meters, usually 10-20 meters.

·   Pipeline path

·   Nonmetallic pipe

·   Various valves

·   Metering meter

·   Various crossing points

·   Tee

·   Depth change

·   Pressure reducing device

·   Cathodic protection

·   Pressure control point

·   Embedded reserved port

·   Various elbows

·   Pipe diameter change

·   Water well

·   Cover

·   Maintenance point

·   ……

3. Basic specification parameters

  •  physical characteristics

·   Shell: HDPE

·   Weight:360g±5%

·   Case diameter - 4.7in (120mm)

  • Environmental characteristics

·   Working temperature: - 30 ℃ - 50 ℃

·   Storage temperature: - 30 ℃ - 70 ℃

·   Drop test: it can withstand the drop from 5feet (about 1.5 meters) to the concrete floor

·   Waterproof and dustproof: IP68

·   Compression capacity: after bearing 4kN axial pressure (uniform pressure), the product has no permanent damage, crack and leakage, and its electronic function has no damage

  • Frequency (customizable)

·   Power 169.8khz

·   Water 145.7 kHz

·   Sanitary 121.6 kHz

·   Telecom 101.4 kHz

·   Gas 83 kHz

·   P_EU 134 kHz

·   General 66.35 kHz

4. Detection related characteristics






No ID maximum detectable depth




Maximum ID read depth

Not Supported



Maximum write depth

Not Supported

Not Supported


ID Number Format

Not Supported

3 digit manufacturer number+10   digit ID number

3 digit customer number+10 digit   ID number

Writable information content

Not Supported

Not Supported

Type and specification of the   identified object


The ED1500 series spherical electronic marker is installed above the pipeline. Due to the self-balancing design inside, there is no need to deliberately keep it horizontal. The non-metallic pipe is directly attached to the pipeline and fixed with ties. When covering the soil, sand or sand is used to fill the gap between the marker and the pipeline, avoiding uneven force on the marker after covering the soil.

Considering the uncertainty of the later soil cover thickness, it is generally recommended that the burial depth be less than 80% of the maximum detectable depth of the model.

To avoid mutual interference between markers, the distance between two adjacent markers should be greater than 1.5 meters.

 球安装1 球安装2

Do not press the marker under the pipeline or the marked object.

If it is a metal pipe, the marker should be kept at a distance of no less than 12CM from the top of the pipe, and there should be no metal objects covering the marker.



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