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Underground Pipeline Management System Based On IOT Technologies

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The urban underground pipeline network is becoming more and more complex. Because of the inaccurate information of underground pipeline, construction accidents occur frequently and the losses are huge. Based on the underground electronic information identifier, combined with the current mature Internet of Things technology, the underground pipeline management system is constructed, so that the management of underground pipelines can also be informationized and visualized.

At the marking points of underground pipelines, longitude and latitude data are obtained by satellite positioning equipment, the depth of the electronic tag of the marking points and the unique global ID information are obtained by electronic detectors, and these information are uploaded to other information of the marked underground facilities (such as date of burial, builders, categories of underground facilities, etc.). After the management system, based on the very mature GIS system, electronic maps can be generated to provide detailed information query and management of underground facilities.

1. Underground pipeline management architecture based on IOT technologies


2.Information upload process (pipeline burying stage)


3 Information download process(pipelineinspection stage)


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