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Electronic Marking For Buried Gas Pipeline

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Pipeline risk assessment technology emerged in the 1970. This article will put forward its own views on the investigation and construction of gas pipelines. In the city, the safety of gas has become the most important issue. According to the regulations, the use of electronic markers of urban gas can remind people to pay attention to the existence of certain dangerous factors, so as to reduce or avoid the occurrence of accidents.

Discussion on the Use of Electronic Marker in Urban Gas Pipeline

In order to effectively avoid the corrosion of urban gas pipelines and the occurrence of various accidents, this paper investigates the laying environment of a urban gas pipeline, and puts forward suggestions for further improving and developing the risk assessment and management tech

nology of urban gas pipeline network, including establishing a knowledge base of safe operation of pipeline network and introducing appropriate risk assessment model. The mechanism is used to input the integrity evaluation results, and risk assessment is introduced in the stage of project planning and preliminary design. The fault tree of gas pipeline quality is established, and the minimum cut set of the fault tree is obtained by Boolean algebra. The structural importance coefficient of each basic event is calculated, and the main hazard sources of gas pipeline quality accidents during construction are identified.          

1. Concept and Design of Electronic  Marking for Urban Gas Pipeline          

Electronic marking system is a special application of RFID technology in underground pipeline management. It is widely used in the identification and positioning of underground pipeline network routes in various fields such as water, gas, electricity, communication, national defense, petroleum and natural gas. It helps to realize digitalization, intellectualization and underground asset management of underground pipeline network, and is the future regulation of underground pipeline network. Planning, development and research provide a strong digital security system. Marker locator is mainly used to find the electronic marker and read and write the stored information. In addition, it has all the functions of the detector. If equipped with this instrument, it can not only detect new pipelines buried with electronic markers, including PE pipelines, but also detect the route and burial depth of metal pipelines buried without electronic markers, so that the cost of equipment can be greatly reduced. When a fault occurs, find the fault point as soon as possible, and record the daily maintenance and maintenance of underground pipeline network. The electronic marker includes the electronic marker of underground pipeline network, the locator (used to read the information in the electronic marker) and the management software of the electronic marking system of underground pipeline network. When used, the passive electronic marker is activated by the electromagnetic wave signal of a specific frequency transmitted by the locator, and the electronic marker feeds back the wireless signal of the same frequency. The information stored in the underground marker is included in the feedback radio signal, so that the locator can read the unique identification code of the electronic marker and the data information stored in advance, add the GPS positioning information on the locator and add the GIS system in the management software according to the need, so that the locator can read the unique identification code of the electronic marker and the data information stored in advance. In order to realize the whole tracing of underground pipelines, and use PDA which can exchange information with positioner to realize the function of navigation and inspection pipelines.            

Before designing the gas pipeline, the designer needs to carefully survey the site and make detailed records. The geographical location must be clearly marked on the drawings, and the detailed design must be carried out according to the situation of the site survey to show that various symbols can be effectively adopted in the process. Special attention should be paid to the two ports of the gas pipeline, the turning part of the gas pipeline, and the intersection between the pipelines. In practice, the disassembly and assembly problems in the future and the safety problems in use must be taken into account, and the later repair work of other pipelines and other gas pipelines must be considered. We can't design roughly for the sake of simplicity and convenience. It's not appropriate to place too many markers, which will lead to misunderstanding and some economic losses for the company. If the location is not appropriate, it will be equivalent to every placement, and it will also bring some economic losses to the company.            

It is most appropriate to place the following places: (1) the event points of underground gas pipelines must use electronic information markers to identify the corresponding underground facilities; (2) the starting and ending positions of all inconvenient turnings in wells; (3) the safety markers must be placed at the underground junction; (4) the gas pipelines. Crossing the two ends of public facilities such as roads, rivers, buildings, etc., can be the two ends of the gas pipeline protection pipeline; (5) When the maximum amplitude of the gas pipeline line is greater than 0.5m, the buried position is the highest and lowest;            

2. System Function of Electronic Marker Used in Town Gas Pipeline          

(1) Quickly and accurately find underground facilities: the electronic marker is buried near the underground facilities, and the detection equipment can accurately find the marker and immediately find the underground facilities. (2) Quick acquisition of underground facilities information: detection equipment can quickly obtain detailed information of underground facilities. (3) Improve the efficiency of emergency construction: The detection equipment can accurately know the specific location and detailed information of underground facilities, and improve the site efficiency of emergency construction. (4) Reduce the accident rate of excavation and reduce costs: locate accurately and quickly find underground facilities, quickly know the details of underground facilities, reduce the accident rate of excavation and reduce the cost of excavation. (5) Effective protection of underground facilities: it can record the abnormal conditions that may occur on underground facilities and deal with the problems as soon as they are found; underground facilities have no marks on the ground, eliminating the hidden danger of man-made destruction and improving the safety of underground facilities.            

The electronic identifier has the characteristics of passive operation, long-term reliability, clear signal, convenient installation, simple detection and information storage. It is mainly used for precise positioning of underground pipelines, data differentiation of underground pipelines, precise positioning of special points and pipeline inspection records. Functions and characteristics of electronic marker system: it can store data and record relevant information, use low frequency signal to penetrate the road surface, and has strong anti-interference ability. By using this identifier, the tree-break identification code of the identified underground facilities can be used to determine one identity card for the underground facilities, while other information of the power facilities, such as the type and material of the power pipeline, may be used as its attribute information, thus effectively treating the underground power pipeline facilities. Reasonable database. Underground gas pipeline network runs through the whole city like a nerve vein, which is closely related to the urban economy and people's lives. Therefore, its management is highly valued. However, because the gas pipeline network has the characteristics of complex crisscross structure, opacity buried underground, large amount of information and query, long storage period, and uninterrupted operation and use, it is not suitable to record and preserve pipeline network data only by drawing and chart, and manual management on this basis. It should meet the requirements of development.            

3.System Composition of Electronic Marking system for Urban Gas Pipeline            

The electronic marking system  has solved the problems of accurate positioning, attribute recognition and information management of buried gas pipelines, and has become an important part of the information management system of underground gas pipelines. It mainly consists of the following four parts: (1) the built-in chip of the electronic information identifier, which stores the information of gas pipelines. Each electronic marker has a unique ID identification code, which is used to accurately identify the characteristic points of underground pipelines. It can be detected by the detector from the ground by Trenchless way of passive electronic devices. (2) Pipeline electronic marking database, analysis and summary of pipeline data objectives, improve the efficiency and accuracy of pipeline maintenance, assist maintenance personnel to prepare maintenance plans, provide security for the safe operation of the pipeline network, improve maintenance efficiency. The specific implementation and application should be grasped in the following process. (3) In the maintenance, emergency repair and various work of pipeline maintenance, PDA can be used to survey the specific location of pipeline and the specific information of pipeline, such as pressure, diameter, material, three-way and elbow of pipeline. (4) The information of the electronic marker is displayed intuitively in the software of GIS platform. Based on the coordinates of the electronic marker, the distribution and routing of the virtual underground pipeline are displayed intuitively and accurately. The distribution and key points of the underground pipeline are mastered by the information of the electronic information identifier, which is intuitive and clear.            

4 Concluding remarks            

At present, most pipeline network maps locate pipelines with buildings on the ground as reference objects. Because of the accelerated pace of urban construction, the increase of building demolition, road widening and transformation, and other factors, electronic information markers should be installed synchronously with gas facilities burial workers. The construction party shall mark the electronic information markers on the drawings according to their relevant affiliations. Sex information, according to the requirements of the drawings, combined with the construction specifications, will be buried in the designated location of the electronic information identifier. With the acceleration of urbanization process, the problem of gas supply in small towns has attracted more and more attention. Biomass energy is widely distributed, renewable and environmentally friendly. Under the increasingly tense situation of fossil energy, biomass gas as a gas source in small towns has broad prospects.

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