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YZ2400 Disk(full Range)underground Electronic Marker


YZ2400 Underground Electronic Marker has two models (ID or No ID). It consists of a sealed shell containing a passive antenna - a low-frequency resonance circuit tuned to a certain frequency. The ID version integrates an ID chip.
Depending on the resonant frequency and the color, the YZ2400 are used to mark a wide range of underground facilities, such as telecommunication lines, power supply networks, cable television networks, water supply pipelines, wastewater networks, oil and gas pipelines, and so on.


YZ2400 can be installed at a certain interval, or at the turning of changing trend and at some event points, such as connection points, valves, well covers, T-shaped branches, etc. According to the project importance and project budget, the installing density can vary from several meters to tens of meters, usually 10-20 meters.

·   Pipeline path

·   Nonmetallic pipe

·   Various valves

·   Metering meter

·   Various crossing points

·   Tee

·   Depth change

·   Pressure reducing device

·   Catholic protection

·   Pressure control point

·   Embedded reserved port

·   Various elbows

·   Pipe diameter change

·   Water well

·   Cover

·   Maintenance point

·   ……


1.      Physical characteristics

·   Shell: HDPE

·   weight:385g±10%

·   Case diameter - 15.7in (400mm)

·   Case height - 1.26in (3.2cm)

·   Rockwell hardness: R-116

·   Softening point: 105 ℃

2.      Environmental characteristics

·   Working temperature: - 20 ℃ - 50 ℃

·   Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ - 70 ℃

·   Drop test: it can withstand the drop from 10 feet (about 3 meters) to the concrete floor

·   Waterproof and dust-proof: IP68

3.      Electrical characteristics

·   Maximum detectable depth : 2.6~3.0m (Slightly different in different frequencies)

·   Maximum ID reading distance : 2.3~2.5m (Slightly different in different frequencies)

·   Minimum distance from the metal facility to marker : 15cm

·   Global Unique ID code(ID Version): 10 digits

·   Compatible locator:

     No ID version: Any Locator with analog mode

     ID version:  ED-8000 locator

·   Frequency (customizable):

     Power1 169.8KHz(CN)

     Power2 134KHz(EU)

     Water 145.7 KHz

     Sanitary 121.6 KHz

     Telecom 101.4 KHz

     Gas 83 KHz

     General 66.35 KHz

  Installing the Marker

· Place the marker on nonmetal cable

· Place a minimum of 5.9 inches (15 cm) of fill dirt over the cable with metal (including shielded cable, Coaxial cable etc.).


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