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ED-8000 V400 Full functionality Marker Locator


1 Product introduction

The ED-8000 V400 version locator is a high-performance electronic marker locactor that integrates multiple frequencies, multiple ID marker modulation modes, automatic sensitivity adjustment, and read-write marker. It has extremely high sensitivity, but also has good noise suppression ability, which is not only suitable for professional surveyors, but can also be easily mastered by ordinary operators.

2 Main applications

Locate and identify various underground facilities, including but not limited to:

  •   Pipeline path

  •   Non metallic pipe

  •   Various valves

  •   Metering meter

  •   Various crossing points

  •   Tee

  •   Depth change

  •   Pressure reducing device

  •   Cathodic protection

  •   Pressure control point

  •   Embedded reserved port

  •   Various elbows

  •   Pipe diameter change

  •   Water well

  •   Cover

  •   Maintenance point

3 Product features  

  1. In addition to basic analog signal detection, It supports ID marker with  both ASK and FSK modulation modes;

  2. The gain of the backend amplification circuit is increased to 70DB. Through a combination of technologies such as phase-locked amplification, multiple filtering, and automatic sensitivity adjustment, it effectively suppresses environmental noise while increasing detection depth, providing operators with a simple and intuitive user experience;

  3. Provide two types of warning tones: alarm sound and ringing tone;

  4. In the digital mode, the preset ID number in the marker can be read. Through the cloud database associated with the ID number, more information of underground facilities can be obtained, such as site image, buried date, construction personnel, category of underground facilities (valves, joints..), Material and size of underground facilities, etc.

  5. For scenarios that are not suitable for cloud data customers, such as remote areas with poor wireless data signals, or situations where it is inconvenient to store marking information in a database due to data security , FSK mode programmable markers can be selected to directly write simple information such as the category and specifications of the identified object into the  chip of the marker;

  6. The ED8000 can flexibly select RFID mode:

  • RFID Off mode: only detect the electromagnetic induction signal of underground electronic marker without RFID decoding. It has fast response speed and is compatible with underground electronic markers with the same frequency produced by different manufacturers, including ID or Non ID markers;

  • RFID Auto mode: in the default working state, only the induction signal of underground electronic marker is detected without real-time RFID decoding. It has fast response speed and is compatible with underground electronic markers with the same frequency produced by different manufacturers, including ID or Non ID markers. Decoding will not be performed until the depth button is pressed;

  • RFID ON mode: RFID decodes in real time and sends out prompt tone and signal strength information only when the ID marker is found. This can completely shield the influence of interference signals. The RFID ON mode, combined with FSK/HDX ID markers, effectively solves the problem of high power consumption and slow response of ASK/FDX ID markers in this mode;

4 Performance

  • Material: ABS

  • Weight: 2.9kg ~3.3kg (According to different antenna sizes)

  • Dimensions (length * width * height):750 * 280 * 120 mm

  • Frequency (customizable):

· P_EU 134khz (EU)

· Water 145.7 kHz

· Sanitary 121.6 kHz

· Telecom 101.4 kHz

· Gas 83 kHz

· Power  169.8khz (CN)

· General 66.35 kHz

  •  Maximum detection depth (Slightly different in different frequencies):

 ·Full range marker(YZ2400 ):  >2.8m

 ·Middle range+ marker(ED2000):  > 2.5m

 ·Middle range marker (YZ1800 ):  >2.2m

 ·Ball Marker(ED1500 ): >1.6m

 ·Near surface marker(ED1100 ): >0.8m

  • Maximum ID reading depth (Different in different frequencies):

·Full range marker(YZ2400ID):  2.2~2.5m(ASK), 2.6~3.0m(FSK)

·Middle range+ marker(ED2000ID): 1.8~2.2m(ASK),2.4~2.6m(FSK)

·Ball Marker(ED1500ID): 1.2~1.3m(ASK),1.5~1.6m(FSK)

·Near surface marker(ED1100ID): >0.7米(ASK), >0.8米(FSK)

  • Maximum writing depth (Slightly different in different frequencies):

·Full range marker(YZ2400ID):   0.6~0.8m(FSK)

·Middle range+ marker(ED2000ID): 0.4~0.6m(FSK)

·Ball Marker(ED1500ID): 0.3~0.5m(FSK)

·Near surface marker(ED1100ID): 0.15~0.2m(FSK)

  • waterproof capacity: IP54

5 UI

Ø Main UI of Locator


ØUI of ID marker modulation mode selection

choice ID mode

Ø  After connecting Android App through Bluetooth, all operating functions of the detector are taken over by app

  外置APP图片_副本 appUI

ØBy querying the identification point through the map, you can select Google map to navigate to the selected identification point.


6 Comparison of version differences

Version difference


Product Category

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